Ask Yourself Why Canada isn’t doing more to combat construction industry tax fraud

Join us for Annual Tax Fraud Days of Action Campaign April 13-19, 2024

The UBC Canadian District Office is seeking to partner with all orders of government and take steps towards eliminating construction industry tax fraud. These steps include: 

  • Increasing transparency in the procurement process on all government-funded projects.
  • Having Canada Revenue Agency assign an auditor to work with the UBC to help identify contractor tax fraud via reported leads on suspected tax or benefit cheating submitted to the CRA. 
  • Introducing legislation to impose stronger general contractor liability for sub-contractor violations.
All of us pay our fair share

To Canada’s Members of Parliament

Tax Fraud:

  • has become a significant problem in our country, and the underground economy accounts for $61.2 billion in economic activity annually.
  • is a growing problem in the construction industry that negatively impacts workers and honest contractors.
  • makes construction jobsites less safe because some contractors cut corners by not paying workers’; compensation premiums. Unscrupulous contractors will also avoid paying worker premiums for employment insurance and pension.
  • makes it more challenging for honest contractors to stay competitive. Robs all Canadians of tax revenues that should rightfully be committed to programs, services and supports they are entitled to.

Listen to Prime Minister Trudeau talk about tax fraud with James Szmerski, UBC Millwright Representative, Local 1443 in Winnipeg during last year's campaign.

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